loveee this

✧ open your third eye ✧

this is too cute.
Anonymous asked:
Your blog is really nice but just 1 question why don't u have any textposts like why just boring pictures lol. I mean they're nice but the tumblrs a bit boring with just loads of pictures but don't think this is hate cause i do like your tumblr. Do you have a youtube or a blog

Random. I don’t think my blog is boring, I prefer more pictures than text posts, I do occasionally make text posts/quotes or those questions for anons things. If you want to know what I’m thinking, you can visit my Twitter page (link in the description).

I don’t do Youtube, making videos of myself is not my thing, and I don’t have enough time for a written blog :P



This is how I want my future home to look at dinnertime

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